Aircraft B-24H with serial number 42-50345 departed from Sudbury, UK on an operational bombing mission to Lutzkendorf, Germany.

Eyewitness statement
Sgt William H. Hilzim said that he saw a B24 A/C which he believed was #345 got hit in #3 engine by flak near the IP. The A/C tried to make a run on the primary target but couldn’t stay in the formation. Plane was seen following the formation en route out of a lower altitude. Plane was last seen about 30 miles from the Belgium coast at an altitude of between 8,000 and 10,000 feet.

Control tower received notification from radio station at West Malling that they had picked up a message from A/C 345 giving position as south of Liège, Belgium.

All crew members bailed out over water at about 15:30 approximately 10 miles west of Ostende, Belgium.

Crew members
Pilot, 2nd Lt Eugene R. Hicks
Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt John C. Johnson Jr.
Navigator, 2nd Lt David V. Moll
Bombardier, 2nd Lt Kenneth E. Russell
Radio Operator, S/Sgt George N. Munro
Ball Turret Gunner, S/Sgt Robert E. Drake
Top Turret Gunner, S/Sgt Charles A. Smith
Tail Gunner, Sgt Murray Moskowitz
Right Waist Gunner, M/Sgt James R. Todd
Left Waist Gunner, Sgt Olin L. Bundrich

Memorialized at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium

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