Killed in action 13 January 1945
Officially declared dead in 14 January 1946

On 13 January 1945 aircraft A-20G-40 with serial number 43-22168 was on a combat mission to Marikina A/D. The aircraft ditched in Lake Laguna de Bay, 1 mile east of Station Pedro.

Statement from 1st Lt Lowell H. Morrow
Shortly after leaving the target, I led my flight into No. 2 position under No. 1 flight. When we were over Laguna de Bay, the No. 2 man in the first flight opened his bomb bay doors and salvoed his para-frags, I immediately radioed the No. 2 to cease dropping and as I did so, I looked at Lt Vedo, my right wing man, the frags were dropping very close to his canopy and right wing.
Although I didn´t see any bombs hit Lt Vedo, he immediately left the formation. I called the Squadron leader and we circled back. I spotted the plane in the water about 1 mile off shore east of Sta Pedro. The tail was still out of water and one man in the life raft paddling away from the plane with his hands. Directly aft of the tail appeared to be another man swimming toward a square object which may have been a parachute.
We circled back and No. 1 and 3 flights continued on course to the base. I remained behind with Lt Alland my left wing man and called playmate 11. I never received as my No. 1 receiver was inoperative.
I never saw the raft again after the first time. The rain from the east made further search impossible so I left the area. On my way back I called Playmate 11 several times as I thought the high mountains between Laguna de Bay and Ambil Island may have been cutting down on the receiving of my transmission. On landing I had my 4475 transmitter checked and it was OK.

Crew members
Pilot, 2nd Lt Francis L. Vedo
Gunner, Cpl William L. Killian

  • Rank: Corporal
  • Date of death: 13 January 1945
  • County: Knox
  • Service Branch: Army/Army Air Forces
  • Division/Assignment: 386th Bomber Squadron, 312th Bomber Group, Light
  • Theater: Pacific
  • Conflict: World War II
  • Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart
  • Burial/Memorial Location: Manila American Cemetery, Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines
  • Location In Memorial: Pillar XV, Top Panel
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