Parents: Jess and Queenie Davis
Siblings: May Davis, Gene Davis, Jack Davis, and Mozell Davis
Alumnus of Knoxville High School
Walter E. Davis was returned from Kalaikunda, India.
Buried in Knoxville National Cemetery on June 22, 1948

Aircraft C-47A with serial number 42-93341 departed from Moran in India on a supply drop mission to Sookerting.

Statement from 1st Lt David A. Seibert, Operations Officer, 9th C.C. Sqn.
The Chabun Air Search Unit was notified on 7 August 1944 of the Missing Aircraft, C-47A, No. 42-93341. At 1054, 7 August 1944 a unidentified aircraft was seen to crash into a low hill approximately four miles west of Station 36, Warazup, Burma on a course of 290 degrees. Liaison type aircraft from Warazup located and circled scene of crash but were unable to identify aircraft which had crashed and burned. A ground search party was dispatched from Warazup. The party was unsuccessful in it`s initial search because of extremely dense jungle growth. Last radio contact with aircraft was established while aircraft was supply dropping at target 71, (96-48E. 25-19W). This contact was with air ground station, Kingpot, at Moran.

Crew members
Pilot, F/O Myant V. Machan
Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt Walter E. Davis
Radio Operator, Sgt Robert S. Mercier
Aerial Engineer, Sgt Arnold S. Oja
Supply Dropper, Sgt Pitt
Supply Dropper, Gunner Banes
Supply Dropper, Gunner Downton

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