Belvin J. Peters was born around 1922 in Kentucky.

Aircraft B-17F with serial number 42-3111 was on a bombardment mission to Emden, Germany. At approximately 10.03 hours, 24,000 feet, just beyond the I.P., A/C no. 111 was hit by enemy fighters. No. 3 engine caught on fire, and flames also seemed to be coming from the wing and also the fuselage. The aircraft fell out of formation under control turning to the right, went into a slow spiral dive then pulled up, and was last seen going into the clouds, but under control. No chutes were seen.

Crew members
Pilot, 2nd Lt William G. Pegram
Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt William L. Martin
Navigator, 2nd Robert S. Cosgrove
Bombardier, 2nd Lt Norman C. Eatinger
Engineer, T/Sgt Vernon C. Larson
Assistant Engineer, T/Sgt Belvin J. Peters
Radio Operator,T/Sgt Orlo G. Natvig
Assistant Radio Operator, Sgt Paul R. Ayala
Gunner, S/Sgt Gordon E. Noel
Gunner Sgt Frederick E. Hutchinson

Buried at Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands, A, 10, 24

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