Aircraft B-24H with serial number 41-28929 departed from Manduria Air Base, Italy on a combat mission to Brasoy, Romania.

Statement from S/Sgt Alexander Witkowski Jr:   On 16 April 1944, our group was on a mission to bomb the target at Brasoy, Roumania. I was flying as tail gunner in ship #085 in the right element of the First attack unit. Soon after leaving the target area, we were attacked by enemy fighters. A short while later I saw a B-24 leave its formation position in the second attack unit of the right element. I saw eight bail out at regular interval. I lost sight of the ship as it passed my line of vision. According to the Group Operations´ diagram, this aircraft was #41-28929 flown by Lieutenant Dyer. I last saw the ship at an altitude of 19,000 feet. The navigator´s coordinates were 4515N-2420E. The time was about 1118.

Pilot, 2nd Lt Jack E. Dyer
Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt Walter M. Bensley
Navigator, 2nd Lt Ronald G. Sorensen,
Bombardier, 2nd Lt George A. Ryan
Engineer, Sgt Levin J. Gearhart
Radio Operator, Sgt Samuel C. Bardsley
AE, Sgt John R. Broyles Jr.
AR, Sgt Delton M. Phillips
AG, Sgt Tony B. Morrow
AAG, S/Sgt Frederick A. Lauer Jr.

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