John Clark Baker served aboard the light cruiser USS Juneau CL-52 on 13 November 1942. The Juneau was on station supporting the invasion of Guadalcanal Island. The Juneau had been attacked, and was retiring when she was torpedoed by the Japanese Submarine I-26. He was killed in action.

NOTE: Garnet H. Bowlin also went down with the USS Juneau

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jeptha Clark Baker, 4404 13th Avenue, Chattanooga.

The USS Juneau’s most famous crewmembers were the five Sullivan brothers, all lost when the ship went down. One survivor, Allan Heyn, had an account of its loss that was published in “American Heritage” in 1956.

Heyn’s account:

Photo of the Juneau shortly before her loss:

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