Born 12 July 1918
Died 1 December 1943

358th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force

James C. Hull was the pilot of aircraft P-47D-2RE with serial number 42-8006. He was on a ramrod mission and shot down by fighters in the vicinity of Antwerpen.

Statement from 2nd Lt Harold H. Macurdy:
On December 1, 1943 returning from an Operational mission over enemy territory, A Flight, lead by Major Myers was separated from the group during an engagement. We started home in a wide V Formation flying above a layer of high thin stratus clouds. Major Myers, flight leader, reported six contrails above at 5 o’clock so we went down through a hole in the clouds and flew along beneath the cloud. Lt Hull was flying on my left wing at approximately 300 yards. The last time I saw him was when we encountered a heavy cloud formation and he disappeared. I continued to climb at full throttle to 20,000 feet on instruments until icing conditions became so severe I could not maintain climbin speed. I put the nose down and dove to 2,500 feet where I was out of the clouds SE of Antwerp. I continued home on the deck encountering severe rain storms all the way.

Lt Hull was found dead on the place of the crash. He was initially buried on 12/3/1943 at the cemetery for enemy soldiers Antwerpen – Deurne in Belgium.

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