James Bill Milligan died non battle
Air Corps

Eleven men were killed at about three p.m. Sunday afternoon, January 17 in a crash of a B-24 bomber ten miles north and east of the Alamogordo Army Airbase. The following is a list of the victims as released by the authorities at the airbase:

Second Lieut. Donald A. Irwin, Sacramento, California
Second Lieut. James W. Mc Clure, Manhattan, Ill.
Second Lieut. James B. Milligan, Chattanooga, Tenn.
S/Sgt. William B. Dyson, Monrovia, California
Sgt. Robert T. Cole, Altoona, Penna.
Sgt. Chester C. Shoemaker, Lima, Ohio
Sgt. Leoy H. Wilkins, Danbury, Conn.
T/5th Gr., Wm. J. Lewis, Jacksonville, Ohio
T/5th Gr. Steve Voytke, Byesville, Ohio

First Lt. Wray C. Zelt of Public Relations Dept., Alamogordo Airbase, stated that the bomber was on a routine training flight. A board of officers has been appointed to investigate the cause of the accident.

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