2nd Lieutenant Jackson R. Bohannon O-762894 US Army Air Forces was born in 1925 in McMinn County, Tennessee. He was the son of Jackson F. and Edna E. Black Bohannon. His siblings were James G., Sadie B., Alta I., Norman H., Arnold, and Raymond V.

2Lt Bohannon was a Bombardier assigned to the 358th Bomber Squadron, 303rd Bomber Group, Heavy, flying B-17s out of Molesworth England. He was killed in action on 28th of September 1944, and is interred at J,9,12 Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, the Netherlands.

From the 303rd Bomber Group Web site:
303rd BG H Combat Mission No. 248
28 September 1944
Target Krupp Grusonwerke A.G., Magdeburg, Germany
Twenty-eight 303rd BGH aircraft plus two borrowed PFF aircraft took off to attack the Krupp Grusonwerke A.G. at Magdeburg, Germany. The secondary target, to be bombed if PFF means were used, was the Magdeburg railroad marshalling yards. Last resort targets were airdromes at Gardelegen, Quedlinberg and Giessen.
Eleven B-17Gs failed to return. They were lost to enemy aircraft after a persistent attack of an estimated 40 FW-190s and ME-109s. After a bomber was hit, the enemy pilots continued their attack and followed it down. Attacks were chiefly from five to seven o’clock, from low to level and were concentrated on the low Squadron. Friendly fighters arrived to engage the enemy and, during the course of dogfights, sporadic attacks were made. Some crews reported that these attacks were made singly and others felt they were made by as many as six abreast. The tactics utilized by the enemy pilots demonstrated that they were determined, efficient, and experienced.

Aircraft #43-38206 Silver Fox, 358BS, piloted by 1Lt. William P. Lay, was burning from the waist back when first seen to be in trouble. About 20 seconds later, it burst into flames all over, turned on its back, and fell straight down. No parachutes were seen. Lt. Lay, 2Lt. David A. Grenier, 2Lt. Robert M. Lasker, 2Lt. Jackson R. Bohannon, Pvt. Fred E.Kane, Sgt. Henry F. Gillespie, Sgt. Donald T. Hasper and Sgt. Richard J. Chaltraw were all killed in the crash. SSgt.

Ray A. Miller ENG was the only survivor. He made the following report:
“After our ship caught fire and co-pilot 2Lt. David A. Grenier and I were ready to bail out, I noticed that he had been severely wounded on the left shoulder. He then motioned to me to bail out and instead I fastened his chute to him and threw him overboard. Then I heard a terrific explosion and did not remember anything until just before hitting the ground. This is all the
information I can give concerning Lt. Grenier.”



In crew picture below he is in upper right corner.

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