Aircraft B-17G with serialnumber 42-97558 was on an objective bombing mission to Weimar, Germany. The aircraft crashed at Burg Weimar, Germany

Statement from Hugh M. Hamill, 1st Lt, Air Corps, Assistant Group S-2 Officer: “At 1125 at 24,300 feet at about 5221N-1200E, on a mission of 24 August 1944, our aircraft #42-97558, flying number 3, low squadron, low bar, dropped out of formation and appeared to be aborting. It was not seen again. No enemy aircraft or flak was reported as encountered at this time, and no damage to the aircraft was noted.”

Pilot, 2nd Lt Teddy G. Shaw
Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt Richard H. Parsons
Navigator, 2nd Lt Jack M. Thames
Bombardier, 2nd Lt Paul J. Terjak
Top Turret Gunner, Sgt Robert P. Stewart
Radio Operator, Sgt Lawrence W. Erlings
Gunner, Sgt J.L. Perry
Gunner, Sgt Elbert Q. Allen
Tail Gunner, Sgt Clarence W. Cox

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