2nd Lieutenant Jack H. Davis, US Army Air Forces, was assigned to the 819th Bomber Squadron, 30th Bombardment Group Heavy flying in B-24s. The unit was based out of Saipan.

He was killed in action on 14 August 1944 and is remembered on the Tablets of the Missing, Honolulu Memorial Cemetery, Hawaii.

Airplane B-24J with serial number 44-40679 departed from Saipan Island on a combat strike mission to Iwo Jima. An explosive type 20 mm shell had struck the radio compass on the roof of the co-pilot’s compartment, It exploded on contact, killing the co-pilot, 2nd Lt Jack H. Davis, wounding Lt. Mosher on the right arm and side, and the Flight Surgeon, Captain Carey A. Stone, on the side of the head.

Statement from Captain Gerard J. Creamer:
At 0530, 14 August 1944, GCT time, at a position approximately 20 miles at a bearing of 290 degrees from Isely AirField, Airplane B-24J, #44-40679, flying at 10,000 feet was observed to make a severe left bank and immediately started to spiral down. At approximately 5,000 feet 3 or 4 men parachuted from the airplane. The airplane went into a spiral and passed beneath our airplane so that we could not see it hit the water, but a few minutes later after we let down we spotted the wreckage. We radiod for crash boats and circled the area. We observed life rafts and life vests on the surface of the water but could not accurately say whether or not men were in them. Other airplanes came to the scene and we returned to our base. Crash boats reportedly picked up 4 survivors.

Crew members
Pilot, 2nd Lt James R. Mosher
Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt Jack H. Davis
Navigator, 2nd Lt Harold J. Puckett
Bombardier, F/O John R. Shields
Engineer Gunner, S/Sgt Bernard J. Mistretta
Armorer-Gunner, Sgt John Gaydzik
Armorer-Gunner, S/Sgt Thomas G. Clancy
Armorer-Gunner, S/Sgt Joseph P. Amaral
Armorer-Gunner, PFC Kesler W. Harbin
Radio Operator, Sgt James H. Homer
Radar Observer, Sgt Frank J. Meszaros
Flight Surgeon, Captain Carey A. Stone Jr.

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