Jack Williams enlisted in the Army Air Corps on September 23, 1941, in Fort Oglethorpe, GA
He was sent to China-Burma-India Theater in 1942. Served in the U.S. Air Force, Air Transport Command, 13th Squadron, until January 26, 1943, when he was missing in action on a return flight from Kumming, China, to his base in Sookerating, India. He was officially declared dead December 12, 1945. His body was never recovered.

He is memorialized at Manila American Cemetery, Philippines

Additional information submitted by his sister, Dolores McDonald:
“He was in a C-47 transport plane which flew supplies over the Hump Himalayas to assist the Chinese. He served as a radio operator. Mainly the supplies were 55 gallon drums of oil. This was the first air-lift started during WWII. The Berlin airlift was incorporated afterwards to assist the people in East Berlin much the same way.”

-Parents: Father Frank Williams and Beatrice Carr Williams Robeson
T.L. Robeson (Stepfather)
-Siblings: Hugh Robeson, Lora Bell Robeson, Bob Robeson, Rabon Robeson, Ronald Robeson, Lucille Robeson, and Delores Robeson McDonald
-Uncle: David M. Carr
-Cousins: Dorothy Jean Carr and David M. Carr, Jr.
-Grandmother: Sallie Carr

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