Edward Mallory Vogel
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Mallory Vogel, 214 2nd Street, Erwin, TN

He was born May 27, 1914, in Washington, DC.
He was a Navy Officer.
He died December 31, 1942, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Cause of death was Drowning, head Injury, Plane Crash
at the San Juan Harbor. He was the pilot of the aircraft. He was one of several people killed in that terrible accident
I have his death certificate.
-Submitted by Jennie Jimenez

Pilot LTjg Edward Mallory Vogel, AV-N USNRKilled
ENS Stephen G. Steffens, AV-N USNR seriously inj
ENS W. Godfrey Hyrne, AV-N USNR seriously inj
AMM2 Vernon Ballard Harris seriously inj
ARM3 Harold Francis Close, Jr. seriously inj
AOM3 Issie Goldberg FO, USNRKilled
AMM3 Edwin James Sipowsky FO, USNKilled

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