Eddie Bailey Story

Military Data
Service Army of the United States
Grade at loss O4
Rank Major
ID No 412641568
MOS 1204 Armored Reconnaissance Unit Commander
Length Service **

Casualty Data
Start Tour ——
Incident Date 10221969
Casualty Date 11151981
Age at Loss 41 based on date declared dead
Location, South Vietnam
Remains Body recovered
Casualty Type Hostile, died of wounds
Casualty Reason Ground casualty
Casualty Detail Gun or small arms fire

He did three tours in Vietnam: 1st with the Military Assistance Command Vietnam as an Advisor in 1964-65; 2nd with E Troop, 2nd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (here they were a ground recon element for the 173rd Airborne Brigade) in 1966-67; 3rd back with the Military Assistance Command Vietnam as an Advisor with Advisory Team 3 in 1969.  He was wounded in action during his 2nd tour and again during his 3rd.  The second wound was a very severe head injury on 25 October 1968 that he never recovered from and died from on 15 November 1981 at the age of 41.
-Submitted by Allen D. Jackson, USAF, Retired

Vietnam Wall Panel 17W Line 120

“I was with Major Story on the morning of the attack. He was badly wounded and in water unable to get up. I went into the water along with Cpl Hau and got him out to the side of the lake. I pulled off my tee shirt to cover his very bad head wound. I saw a uh1 over head and I started firing my m-16 in the air and they recogonized that we were in trouble. They hovered over the water and I was able to get my commander on board and they flew off with him. The flight was quick and over within a few minutes. This took place as we were about 4 kilometers from ALPH2 which was the last Fire base in Vietnam over looking the Ben Hai River. Cpl Hau and I laid waiting until the civilians started to move then we started our return back to ALPA2. I have tried to find Major Story over the years but was not able too. I saw his name on the wall of Honor and it rightly belongs there. I was a SSG at the time and went on to become a command Sgt Major and stayed on active duty for 30 years.”
-Submitted by Joe Hill, a soldier under his command


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