Doyle Foster

Military Data
MOS 67Z50 Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant
Length Service **
Unit 174th Aviation Company, 14th Aviation Battalion, 16th Aviation Group, Americal Division, USARV

Casualty Data
Start Tour 1 March 1971
Incident Date 25 March 1971
Casualty Date 25 March 1971
Age at Loss 34
Location , South Vietnam
Remains Body recovered
Casualty Type Non-hostile, died of other causes
Casualty Reason Ground casualty
Casualty Detail Other Causes

Vietnam Wall Panel 04W Line 076

Fred Choate
Home town friend
Conyers Ga. 30094
Doyle, your were older than Sgt Coffey and myself but we all had the same desire, to serve our country. You and Bill were close together in Quang Tri and were hit within two weeks of each other. Miss you both. May your soul rest in peace. Thank you my friend.
Feb 3, 2007

Carson Memorial Cemetery, Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee

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