Clifford Sherles Nuckles
Member of the Naval Armed Guard shipped aboard the Liberty Ship SS John Harvey. The John Harvey was transporting a secret cargo of mustard gas to the Mediterranean Theater. While waiting to be unloaded in Bari Harbor, Italy, the port came under attack by 88 German aircraft, sinking 17 ships including the John Harvey, which went up in a large explosion and released the gas across the harbor. Over 1000 people were killed in the raid. This raid became known as the Bari incident. Decades later a former Army doctor remembered the effects of the mustard gas and used it to create medication to help fight cancer – chemotherapy.

Memorialized at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy. He was officially declared dead on 3 December 1944.
Also Served on the Liberty Ship SS David G. Farragut in March 1943

Grandmother: Mrs. Ida Brady, 626 Jurolman Avenue, Knoxville

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