Charles Burton Easley was the pilot of aircraft F-6A with serial number 43-6053. He departed from Molay, France on a visual reconnaissance mission.

Statement by  1st Lt Raymond James Doyle, Air Corps
On 18 July 1944, I flew a visual reconnaissance mission with 2nd Lt Charles B. Easley, south and east of Avranches, France. At approximately 1415 hours, I saw four aircraft drop below the overcast headed in our direction. I reported the bogies as being at nine o’clock and Lt Easley acknowledged receipt of my message. A few seconds later some eight other sections followed the original four which were now recognized as ME 109s. I called a break to the left which we both executed and then I headed for the deck giving similar instructions to Lt Easley. While on the deck he called and asked if I was still with him. After informing him that I was and to continue on home, a section of two aircraft dove at me from three o’clock. When the lead ship started firing I broke right, into them and after they had passed, turned North and headed for home.  A few seconds later I saw tracers off my left wing and broke in that direction. The enemy aircraft broke off the attack and while in this turn, looking south, I saw a cloud of smoke and dust which I assume to be an aircraft; probably Lt Easley. Last contact was made by radio prior to the second break.

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