Boyd Wayne Smith
His tour began April 7, 1970
B Company, 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division
Service Occupation: Infantry Unit Commander
Died at the age of 22 on May 5, 1970 in Cambodia
Cause of Death: Hostile, Ground Casualty, Explosive Device
Buried in Lynnhurst Cemetery in Knox County, Tennessee.

B Company, 2/47th Infantry, lost six men, one of whom was Boyd W. Smith, on 05 May 1970 when their personnel carrier struck a mine north of Katum, SVN. (Katum is located approximately eight kilometers south of the Cambodian border in the South Vietnam province of Tay Ninh)

“Wayne – I never knew his first name was Boyd until he died – was my OCS classmate and later roommate when we were both somehow assigned to Fort Sill instead of helicopter training as we thought we were to be. He was the typical Southern boy and I the kid from Maine – an unusual encounter made possible by military service. His burst-through-the-door presence, his laugh, his ‘You have to be sh-tting me’ attitude, made everyone around shake their head and chuckle. He came from a great family who shared their home and heart with me when I visited before we both left for RVN – the last time I saw Wayne. He was lost in Cambodia, a mission we never had. I can’t hear of Knoxville or see a Tennessee sports team on TV that I do not think of him and his family. Know that we remember Wayne and we are thankful for the good times and the friendship you provided in the brief time we knew you. God bless Mr. and Mrs. Smith who suffered the greatest loss possible. ” -Bob Hodges

“My mother spoke today (07/13/02) to Essie Smith the still heart broken Mother of Boyd Wayne Smith. Ms. Smith and my mother go to church together at Norwood Baptist Church in Knoxville, and mom called to tell her that she would be visiting the Vietnam Memorial an she wanted to look up Boyd’s name and how would she find it. Ms. Smith of course shed tears once again for her her deceased son of 32 yrs. I will ask God tonight in my prayers to bless this women whose son gave his life fighting our country and Thank God who gave his son for Ms. Smith and Boyd so they may be together again in Heaven. God Bless you and keep you Ms. Smith until you see BOYD WAYNE SMITH again.” -Deborah A. Newcomb

“Smitty and I served together at Ft. Sill. I went to his going away party. I remember the shock and despair amongst the LT’s when we found out he died so soon. Such an untimely end to a fine man!” -Gene Henry

As youngsters Wayne and I shared many a great day at Inskip Pool where he was a lifeguard. He was always a great friend to me even though he went to Central high and I went to Halls. Our high schools were rivals but we shared a great friendship. I was drafted in 65 and was in Vietnam 66-67. Wounded in August of 67. Even though I lost several friends in Vietnam, Wayne is the only person I had a personal relationship with from Knoxville. I think of him often and wish he hadn’t been taken so early in his life.” -David McCloud

Graduate of Central High School in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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