The Names

67The East Tennessee Veterans Memorial contains the names of all East Tennesseans who died while in military service to their country, whether in training or in combat, during the following declared wars and conflicts: World War One, World War Two, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, War in AfghanistanIraq War, and Other Military Operations.

A breakdown by county and conflict is also available.  As of May 2017, 6253 names are engraved on the memorial.

We seek to be as inclusive as possible, and in order to be listed on the memorial there is normally a direct connection to the region by birth, enlistment, marriage, or burial. Families can petition the ETVMA board to consider inclusion of their loved one if such ties are not evident.

We realize that there are others who made the supreme sacrifice in a wide array of military operations during the Cold War and in peacetime.

We request that family members and friends contact us concerning their service, so that we will be able to honor them by sharing their stories on this website.