Arthur L. Lowery

1st Lt Arthur “Ott” L. Lowery was the pilot of aircraft P-51C-7 with serial number 42-103346. He was on an area patrol mission to the Pas De Calais area. Statement from 2nd Lt Charles E. Shake, Air Corps:  “On 22 June, 1944 at approximately 1215 hours, I was flying Lt. Arthur L. Lowery´s wing in […]

Emit M. Edmonds

Emit Marin Edmonds was born on March 18, 1895 in Clinton. He was the son of John Edmonds and Minty Norman Edmonds. He had four brothers, Floyd Edmonds, Elizah Edmonds, Oliver Edmonds, and George Edmonds, and three sisters, Ella Edmonds, Cora Edmonds McBee, and Nora Edmonds Underwood. By 1900, Emit Edmonds was living with his […]

UT Press Book on the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial Published

The almost 400-page book is available from the University of Tennessee Press, local bookstores, or Amazon. It showcases the stories of over 300 service members and their families, documented with public records, obituaries, and family recollections. In these pages, readers will find the accounts of each of East Tennessee’s 14 Medal of Honor recipients, along […]

Dr. John C. McManus Speaker for the May 2, 2022 Medal of Honor Event!

John C. McManus is an award-winning author, military historian and is Curators’ Distinguished Professor of U.S. military history at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T). Background McManus is a native of St. Louis. He attended the University of Missouri and earned a degree in sports journalism. After a brief stint in advertising and sports […]

The Discovery of the U.S.S Grayback

Private explorers found the U.S.S. Grayback beneath 1,400 feet of water after realizing that a mistranslated Japanese war record had pointed searchers in the wrong direction.  See New York Times story. Motor Machinist’s Mate, Second Class Richard Ernest Corum, Service Number 2957872 was aboard the Grayback.

Silent Sentinels

In the valley of Second Creek, just west of the busy commercial district of Knoxville, they stand silent and vigilant.  Stone sentinels in platoon strength parade on an acre of grass amidst an industrious, noisy city.  Arrayed in two squads in military precision, the ranks of granite stones, each twelve feet high, a foot deep […]