Sherrill R. Williams

751st Bomb Squadron, 458th Bomb Group, based in Glatton, England.

Aircraft B-17G with serial number 43-38854 departed from England on an objective bombing mission to Hopsten in Germany. Moderate, very accurate flak was encountered in Münster envelope of fire, where A/C 854 was hit. There was no enemy aircraft opposition. A/C 854 was apparently hit directly by a shell which did not burst on contact. About 8 or 9 feet of the right wing was cut off. There was a flash where the flak hit but no fire visible thereafter. After being hit, A/C 854 peeled off to the right, turned over on its back and went down out of control. It was in a sort of spin. It appeared to break apart back of the wings, the fuselage separating from the wings. When it was last seen, the wings were still in a sort of spin. The A/C was not seen to catch on fire. One chute was reported coming from A/C 854, but what part of the aircraft it came from was not reported.

A/C 854 was hit at 1010 to 1013 hours on bomb run as it crossed Münster flak envelope of fire. It was flying number 3, low low flight, high squadron. It was hit 3 to 6 minutes before bombs away and was not observed for long because other crews were occupied with the flak and the excitement of the bomb run.

He was married to the former Elizabeth Fox of Clinton. Deceased August 8, 2017 at age 94. She was a graduate of Clinton High School where she was voted most “Popular Girl”. They had a daughter, Cheryl.

The night before he flew his 20th and final mission over occupied Nazi Germany, Williams spent the early evening hours of March 23, 1945, in England trying to keep the minds of his B-17 crew–the eight other men of the “Tennessee Toddy”–off the next day’s bombing run over Hopsten